3DX Viewer

Stereoscopic Images

Stereoscopic movies gained popularity in the 1950's when viewers had to use Analglyph or "Red/Blue" glasses to see the 3D effect. More recently glasses have Polarized lenses that let only images for the appropriate eye through the lens of the glasses. Even more advanced are Liquid Crystal shutter glasses that periodically turn off alternating views of each eye. More advanced are stereoscopic Head Mounted Displays which show a separate image for each eye on LCD screens.

E3 2009




Did You Know?

  • The 3DX Viewer will turn ordinary video games into extraordinary stereoscopic 3D experiences. The game input uses any NTSC or PAL video signal from a videogame console, DVD player or computer. Special circuitry analyzes the video coming in and processes the video into a stereoscopic 3D image. Your old videogames and movies become new again with the 3DX Viewer. Change a 2D game into a 3D game instantly.