Extreme Gamer™

DXT, Inc. is proud to introduce the patent pending Extreme Gamer™; the worlds first multi-disc video game changer. Now gamers can enjoy hours of continuous play, over a variety of games, without ever changing a DVD-Rom. DXT offers game developers unprecedented power to express their creativity and a larger canvas to produce a level of interaction, sophistication and reality that has never existed in gaming. More than an evolution, Extreme Gamer™ is a revolution that frees developers from the constraints of storage space and allows them to dream in multi-disk depth.

Extreme Gamer

Game Disc

The Extreme Gamer™ makes it easy to switch games on the PS2™ and PS3™.

A built in menu makes it as easy as selecting a new game.


Shots from E3 2010! 

Extreme Gamer

Extreme Gamer
It's Here! The XG-10 with Blu-ray.

Extreme Gamer G10

XG 10