Sensor Handgrip



Motion Tracking

Motion tracking has been around for many years. The most common motion trackers are digital compasses, gyros and accelerometers. You will find more of these devices in your cell phones, laptops, and handheld videogames.



The Sensor Handgrip is a completely new technology that will change the way gamers interact with virtual objects. Imagine being able to pick up a virtual gun or sword and "feel" it in your hand. The Sensor Handgrip has three main buttons that produce pressure against the fingers when it comes in contact with a virtual object. When nothing is in the hand, the buttons push in easily. On the game screen, your character's fingers, open and close normally. When your character picks up a gun, the buttons resist closing beyond a certain point to simulate the object in your real hand. You can even simulate squishy objects. The Sensor Handgrip uses an external tracking device that gives the game full six degree of freedom movement.


Did You Know?