Black Widow™ Gaming Keyboard




Keyboard or Controller

If you play FPS Games on a PC, you use a combination of mouse movements and keyboard pushes to navigate the game. On a console game pad, it's always been a little more challenging as a player has to move a joystick for "player look" and other buttons for the other functions of the game.

Console gamers have usually complained about an "unfair advantage" that PC FPS gamers have over console gamers because of their quicker reaction times.


Black Widow

E3 2009



E3 2010

Did You Know?

  • The Black Widow™ Gaming Keyboard is a interactive entertainment keyboard designed to bring the ease and thrill of keyboard play to the PS3™, Xbox 360™ and PC's.  It's sleek design and easy to access buttons makes FPS games fast and fun.  No wires to get tangled up and cool rear-lit keys make finding the right key and controller combination quick and easy.