Reality Pro

Augmented Reality

Amazingly Virtual Reality was invented in 1968 by Ivan Edward Sutherland. The original head tracking system measured head rotation and the display showed a simple room with the letters N,S,E,W on it.

E3 2009

E3 2010 Reality Pro™

The New Reality Pro™ has made its transformation into a sleek portable mobile AR gaming system that opens up many new ways to interact with virtual environments that have never been available in a gaming system before.  Not only will you be able to download or create your own games to play, but imagine not only playing a game but actually being in the game and it happening all around you!

  • Sleek portable Design
  • Ubiquitous, real-time connectivity
  • Full Controller Functions
  • High performance 3D UIs, games, maps and more
  • Streaming and playback of locally stored high-definition video content
  • 4.3” Touchscreen with 16 million colors
  • Android™ operating system
  • New See-through AR glasses


E3 2009 Reality Pro™ DemoReality ProE3 2009

The demo featured a head mounted display with a web cam mounted in between the eyes running on two networked PCs.  Each player could see their world through the eyes of their own webcam.  in this demo the AR is using optical tracking or fiducial marker recognition.  The web cam recognizes the patterns and the computer assigns an overlaid 3d model to it.  This process is a little slow for quick movements so a combination of other tracking technologies will be used in the final product. 

You notice that the swords have markers on a cube.  When you hold your arm out in front of you and rotate it slowly, it overlays a virtual sword over the real markers and it becomes a six degree of freedom input device.  When you hold your shield up a wooden battle shield is overlaid and also a knight's helm is overlaid over the other player's video glasses. When the other player rotates his head, the visor naturally rotates with it giving the appearance that the other player is wearing a real helm. 

The goal of this game is to jab or poke the visor with the sword three times.  If you hear trumpets, you win.  As the swords hit either the other player's shield, helm or sword sound effects play and complete the illusion.

We believe that this device can be reduced to a mini Linux portable computer that can be worn on your belt.   Our goal is to create a hardware solution that will allow programmers access to many software libraries like facial recognition, body recognition and gesture recognition.  Also included will be hardware features like GPS, wireless communication, accelerometers and digital compass.

Imagine being able to play a shoot 'em up game simply by pointing your finger in the "sign" of a gun, and in  your hand a 3D gun appears.  Or a Dragonball Z move where you hold your hands in a clamshell "sign" and the computer places a fireball that spins and fires out when you open your hands. 

One of the advantages of Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality is that in Virtual Reality the computer has to draw the entire world around you.  This takes some impressive processing power, in AR, the computer is only drawing 3D characters over the real world.  Also in VR you can't see where you're going.  In AR, you can see everything as normal vision.


Did You Know?

  • The RealityPro™ has moved from its early development stage to a sleek mobile AR entertainment gaming device.  DXT is working to bring this product to market with new AR glasses. Imagination is the key, with the Reality Pro™ you will have the real world and the imaginary world at your finger tips.

    E3 2009